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Essential oils are nothing new to me.  I was raised with them.  It's the secret to a non-toxic home, honest anti-aging regimes, and the perfect zest of flavor to a dish or drink.  They work in perfect sync with our body.  The aromas go right into our brain and support balance.  The tiny molecules can travel to our cells and create harmony in the body.

My passion for educating and empowering families to support health in their homes after a series of intense events.  In 2014, my husband broke his neck and sustained a brain injury.  Soon after my father had heart complications from a surgery and my stepdad was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.  Our bodies and our hearts needed all the love and support we could get.  I went through a entire bottle of Acceptance one summer (you'll know this blend one day!) and I'll never forget it.  Everyone is thriving and happy these days, by the way.  

Tip: You are worth pure, powerful essential oils.  Here's my thinking on this, do as you want.  First, if I'm going to spend money on it - I want it to work.  Diluted anything, is, well, diluted and less powerful.  Second, with something that goes straight into my bloodstream, I want to know where they were grown, and the integrity of the company I'm buying them from.  Simple.  I will never mess around with that.  Visit www.seedtoseal.com to explore Young Living.

Feel free to contact me with any questions by email at christina@moderndaymama.com

If you would like education to your phone by text - text classes to me at 858-250-0303.  This comes directly to me, and your privacy is always respected.

Our team offers an amazing array of classes, education and continuous support, as well as our private Facebook groups. They are a great place to learn, ask questions and find tips, tricks and recipes. 

I offer a free one hour consultation to each new member to personalize the oils to your lifestyle and needs.  Feel free to connect with me or I will contact you through the information you used to sign up. 

Also, all new members get a digital e-book with oil information, application, and recipes.

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Step 3: Next you will see the option for the Essential Rewards program. You are not obligated to sign up for Essential Rewards (Young Living’s Loyalty program), but it does have some nice benefits. You can scroll down through the “Essential Rewards Kits” and either click "Add More Products" or “Next” and “Proceed to checkout”. 

Young Living gives you free products depending on the size of your order. It’s good to keep that in mind if you want to maximize your freebies.  

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