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spicy tomatillo corn chowder

spicy tomatillo corn chowder

{vegan . gluten free . soy free}


8 cups vegetable stock

2 tbsp coconut oil

1 yellow onion, chopped

10-12 cloves of garlic, minced

1 handful of spinich

3 jalapeno peppers

4 anaheim chiles or 2 serrano peppers

1 zucchini

2 yukon gold potatoes, diced

1 handful of cilantro, choppe

1 handful of green onions, sliced

1.5 lbs of tomatillos

3 tbsp of oregano, chopped

2 cups of frozen, organic corn

1 fresh corn on the cob

1 cup of cashew cream {recipe below - ingredients: cashews + pure water}

1/2 tsp of fresh cracked pepper

2 tsp himalayan pink sea salt

1 tsp ground coriander

garlic salt

1 drop lemon essential oil

1 drop of black pepper essential oil

1 drop of basil essential oil {this is a powerful oil, and essential oils change the taste a lot.  if you don't love basil, skip this.}


cashew cream directions:

[I prefer cashews that are unpasturized to have the optimal enzymes in tact.  raw cashews are not that same thing.  I order mine off amazon] 

soak cashews for at least 1 hour; preferably 12 hours in pure water.  


add cashews and 1 cup of water to blender.  blend until smooth, but creamy consistency.  if you want to add a little water, go for it, do you. :)

set aside.

prepare peppers:

preheat oven to 400F

cover baking sheet in coconut oil [a lot of oils become toxic at high heats, coconut oil has a high heat tolerance] or parchment paper

cut the anaheim chiles in half, remove tomatillos from husk

lightly coat peppers and tomatillos with coconut oil and garlic salt

cook until slightly charred.

once cool enough, chop.

set aside.


soup instructions:

start heating your soup pot to medium/medium high heat with coconut oil

add onion and saute for 5 minutes

add salt, oregano and coriander and saute 5 more minutes

add spinach, potatoes, zucchini, jalopenos and allow to saute for a few minutes

add vegetable broth and allow to boil

reduce heat to simmer until potatoes are soft

add frozen corn, chiles, tomatillos, cilantro, green onions and cashew cream

cook for 15 more minutes

[fora less chunky soup ... allow to cool.  once cool add to blender or food processor.  blend. re-heat]

add fresh corn cut off the cob

add 1 drop lemon essential oil, 1 drop black pepper essential oil, basil lovers ... add 1 drop basil essential oil but taste before you do ;)

salt + pepper to taste



slow-cooked arrabbiata sauce

slow-cooked arrabbiata sauce