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A love letter to us when our world feels insane.

Sometimes it's easy to mistake one person, for humanity. 

We lose sight of our collective heartbreak that rips through us when infuriating or traumatizing events play out in front of us. Most of us, are not immune to this kind of chaos, pain and tragedy we've been facing. 

Whatever we focus our attention on, we expand. We create more and more of. We build the story. We go deeper. The headlines build. The narrative takes off. The fear is thick, sticky and powerless. 

When we focus on the "why", and try and understand the "who" - we enter a trap and live in a world that is foreign and unsettling. It's not our world, thankfully. 

No matter how much time and energy we spend trying to obsessively dissect another human's behavior, we will never. We have never walked in their shoes, thankfully. 

Therefore, to understand how things could've been prevented by pretending to understand the intricacies of other's choices will end up futile. 

We can chose to honor each human that is directly impacted, as we would want others to do for us if we were in their position. 

Leaning in is a good thing. You can't change the world's judgements. 

People will continue to rant on social media, and you can find any opinion you want to feed your vibe. Opinions have zero requirements. Remember that before you press reply. 

Engaging in what doesn't ring true to you, only feeds it and drains you of your resources to do what you really want. 

Diminishing rather than creating the energy that drives you to make the choices that free you, and all of us, of this insanity. 

Use your best judgement, always, and if you're looking to join a movement, amazing and powerful ones exist. You would be blown away. You name it, you can find it. Whatever pulls at your heart, I guarantee there's a collective of people holding space, and taking action. It just depends where you're looking. 

If getting quiet, and saying a prayer is what you feel called to do. Please. Do that. It all matters. 

If taking some deep breaths and allowing the magnitude of pain and discomfort you're feeling in your body feels like all you can do. Do that. 

Even if all you can do is not give up on the people who are in it, and giving all they have, because they believe it's worth it. Please. Do that. 

Show up however you want, just show up. 

We can chose to unite and not feed the beast. 

We can create the change and be the change. 

Don't give up. Don't give in. Don't go negative. The world needs you. The world needs all of us.